The Art of Frances Reighley

Artist Statement

I'm often asked how I come up with the ideas for my paintings. All I can say is that the images just come; they seem to be seeking a place to live. If I don't put them on a canvas then they wonder around inside my head…waiting. They just won't go away! - I use a colored ground to start each painting, usually violet. Outlining is my security blanket that keeps me on track. Playing with color, light and shadows intrigues me. My hope is that my paintings will invite the viewer to come closer – smile perhaps - look intently and listen to the gentle whisper of a story.

Most recently I've been dabbling in assemblage art. It is a nice resting place between paintings. Painting feels like a head thing, where assemblage feels more like a full body experience. It also gives me a chance to satisfy my insatiable craving to put things in order. I'm drawn to old tired objects, their soft worn edges, rusty colors and rich patina. They have a history and a beauty that isn't quite done yet. It is satisfying to give them a new lease on life, renewed vigor and value.

Please don't hesitate to contact me by phone at 805-957-9530, especially if you are interested in making a purchase. In-joy!